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  • Kira O'Cnaimhin

    Character sheet: [[:kira-o-cnaimhin]] To Buy List: [[Kira's to buy list]] h1. Kira O'Cnaimhin - Mother of Monsters bq). "Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by …

  • Tadgh Brennan

    Character sheet: [[:tadgh-brennan]] h1. Tadgh Brennan - Lion Tamer bq). "What a dick." p(((((. - Kira p=. !Picture! h2. Description Description h2. Visible Information * *Age:* 28 * *Appearance:* 3 * *Epic:* * *Distinctive …

  • Aengus

    Pantheon: Tuatha God of: Love, Youth, Poetic Inspiration Parent of: [[Patrick MacSluathlin]] Rivals: [[Aphrodite]], [[Artemis]], [[Eris]], [[Hel]], [[Izanami]], [[ …

  • Cuchulainn

    Pantheon: Tuatha God of: Nothing. Cuchulainn is not part of the great pantheon of the Tuatha Parent of: [[Tadgh Brennan]]

  • Morrigan

    Pantheon: Tuatha God of: Battle, Strife, Sovereignty Parent of: [[Kira O'Cnaimhin]] Rivals: [[Ares]], [[Cuchulainn]], …

  • Kira O'Cnaimhin

    * Kira was always very close to her father, Jack. She never really got too closely along with anyone else, even when she'd she'd go with her father to his social events -- she'd stick by his leg and rarely interact with anyone else. * At the age of nine, …

  • Tadgh Brennan

    * Grew up with his mother in the city. Not poor, but single income until he was old enough to work a little. Went from being the most ambitious paperboy on the street to highest-earning server to lowly cage cleaner at the zoo. * No close family other …

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