Simone Leblanc

Gorgeous fashionista.


A fierce and gorgeous fashionista, who, like many models, is obscenely tall, always wears heels, and also probably always wears weird fashions you’d otherwise only see on a runway.


Simone LeBlanc
Player: NPC
Calling: Brutal Fashionista
Nature: Visionary
Pantheon: Loa
God: Legba


Phyical Social Mental
Strength: 2 Charisma: 6 Perception: 3
Epic: Epic: 4 Epic:
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 6 Intelligence: 4
Epic: Epic: 5 Epic:
Stamina: 4 Appearance: 6 Wits: 5
Epic: 1 Epic: 5 Epic: 3


Academics: 1 Crafts: 2 (Textiles) Melee:
Animal Ken: 1 Crafts: Occult: 3
Art: 3 (2D) Crafts: Politics: 5
Art: 3 (Performance) Empathy: 4 Presence: 4
Athletics: 1 Fortitude: 2 Science:
Awareness: 1 Integrity: 5 Science:
Brawl: 1 Investigation: 3 Science:
Command: 5 Larceny: 4 Stealth: 2
Control: 1 (land) Marksmanship: 3 Survival:
Control: Medicine: 1 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Appearance Blinding Visage 1L Blind the target for the scene.
Appearance Detail Variation Change a small physical detail for 1L
Appearance My Eyes Are Up Here 1W Make mortals ignore your appearance for a scene
Appearance Perfect Actor 1W to make others feel the emotion you portray
Appearance Tailor Made 1L to create clothes from ichor
Charisma Blessing of Importance 1L Once per scene replenish Mortal Willpower, or (Epic Charisma) Willpower for supernaturals.
Charisma Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 1L Target person with lower or equal Legend you’ve offended is no longer upset. Those of equal Legend resist your (Cha + Leg + Pres) vs. their (Will + Int + Leg).
Charisma Inspirational Figure 1L Give an inspiring speech to give all listeners a point of Willpower when it’s over.
Charisma Pied Piper 1L+1W Mortals flock like paparazzi until sunrise. Resisted by (Will + Int + Leg), difficulty is your Legend.
Charisma Preach On 1L Give an uplifting speech to a willing audience. Mortals and Scions have their Willpower replenished.
Manipulation Implant False Memory Implant false memories in those you’ve hypnotized
Manipulation Instant Hypnosis 1W A moment of eye contact hypnotizes.
Manipulation Mass Hypnosis 1W + 1L Roll (Man + Cmd + Leg) vs. the target audience’s average (Will + Leg), a post-hypnotic suggestion is implanted in up to (successes) members.
Manipulation Overt Order 1W Bark out a command that the target must obey.
Manipulation Rumor Mill 1L to seed a rumor
Stamina Extended Youth Never grow up.
Stamina Raise Your Glass Use drinking to regain Legend, but can’t use Epic Stamina to resist its effects.
Wits Opening Salvo 1L insult costs someone 1W
Wits Scathing Retort 1L to deliver a comback so devasting that it strips someone of all wp and prevents it from being regained for a full day. Can defend against the same, starting chain of insults
Wits Social Chameleon Must dress the part, but won’t accidentally embarass yourself or stand out in a social environment.


Purview Rank Name Effect
Animal 3 Crocodile Aspect 1L/Action By meditating on a token of his animal for one Speed 3 action, can enhance an attribute associated with the animal by adding one die per activation to all tests using that attribute.
Binding 1 Center the Self 1L to face no penalties while using social traits unless those penalties are inflicted by a being with higher legend
Binding 2 Binding the East Anytime you use Sun to alter the environment around you, add your legend as dice. When in natural surroundings, add your legend to all uses of Sun.
Binding 3 Herald of East All uses of the Crocodile animal purview gain your legend as dice in natural surroundings. Also, 1+L to summon an Sun/Crocodile to negate environmental penalties. Environmental effects that inflict no dice penalties only cost 1L instead of the level of the penalty. Effects made by higher legend beings are unaffected.
Binding 4 Binding the South Anytime you use Magic to target a mortal, gain your legend as dice. When in the company of [Your Legend] mortals, add your legend to all uses of Magic.
Binding 5 Herald of South When in the compant of [Your Legend] Mortals, gain your legend as dice to any Crocodile animal boon. By spending 3L and gaining successes on an Appearance+Presence roll = legend of the being to receive a message, may communicate through Crocodiles for a scene with anyone on any plane. If they do not encounter the animal, it instead manifests the next time they sleep in their dreams.
Cheval 1 Rada’s Eyes 1L Can see through someone’s eyes if you have a genetic token of the victim, something they created, or a picture.
Cheval 2 Petro’s Hands While using Rada’s Eyes, can force the victim to take a single action.
Cheval 3 Horse 1W + 1L Int + Control As Rada’s Hands, but lasts the scene.
Cheval 4 May listen in on the victim’s thoughts while using Rada’s Eyes.
Cheval 5 Take the spirit out of an incapacitated or otherwise helpless victim and boss the body around. Resisted with (W + I + L). See pg. 91 for limitations and abilities.
Fire 1 Fire Immunity Immune to fire and smoke inhalation
Magic 1 Peacful Meeting Start a scene with a symbol of truce, and those within it must spend 1W to initiate violence. Also stops accidental quarrels and flares of temper. Those breaking it are Fatebound to the caster. If unbroken, the Scion is Fatebound to a random person who becomes a friend while the binding lasts, or the Fatebinding targets the place.
Magic 2 Bona Fortuna Gain (activation successes) dice that can be spent on actions in the scene. No more than 1/2 Willpower can be spent per roll.
Magic 3 Demand a Labor Force a geas that prevents spending Willpower on actions not taken to fulfill it. The difficulty of the quest sets the difficulty of casting (see Hero pg. 155). It is resisted with Willpower.
Magic 4 Bound Spirit Target’s ghost is trapped at a spot. Those of your Legend or higher can resist with (W + I + L).
Magic 5 Fate Prison Bind a person to a location up to (Legend x 500) sq. ft. Resisted by spending 1L and rolling (Cha + Legend).
Prophecy 1 Minor Visions Gain one minor vision of the future from the GM per session.
Prophecy 2 Danger Sense Add (Prophecy) to Join Battle rolls and Perception + Awareness rolls to avoid surprise attacks.
Prophecy 3 Search for a Sign 1L Spend 10 minutes with divinatory tools to choose between two courses of action.
Prophesy 4 Lateral Pronogstication Gain a vision of an upcoming event or plot point that has you perplexed. The result is in the form of “if you do A, then B will happen.”
Prophesy 5 Foretelling the Messiah Spend 1W and up to (Legend) L to make a prophecy about a person. In a later scene they may declare they are fulfilling the prophecy to cause stunt dice to become successes. If they channel legend on the acion, they gain an additional number of successes equal tot he Legend you spent activating this power. Only one messiah can be active at a time, and if it is you the power costs 3L extra. Noone may be declared a messiah by you twice in a row, someone else must use the bonuses from this boon before they can be chosen again.
Psychopomp 2 Where Are You? If in remote contact with someone, know how far and in what direction they are.
Sun 1 Penetrating Glare See perfectly provided there’s some light
Sun 2 Divine Radiance Emit Sunlight, flash one target to inflict a -2 until the scion’s next action, or ignite flammables
Sun 3 Life-Giving Rays Light halves healing times for up to (Legend + successes) people. Getting wounded ends the effect for that person.
Sun 4 Flare Missile Ammunition forged from sunolight adds (Legend) levels of lethal damage to your ranged weapon. Base damage is also always Lethal and Piercing.
Sun 5 Burn Anyone touching you takes (Legend) dice of lethal damage. Lasts one scene.

Custom Mechanics

The Balm: When meeting Kira’s eyes, any resistance roll which calls for Willpower+Intergrity+Legend uses the higher of their two rolls as successes for both.


  • Harmony: 3
  • Order: 1
  • Piety: 3
  • Vengeance: 2

Derived Stats

  • Health: 7 ( -1, -1, -3, I)
  • Soak: 5B, 3L, 1A
  • Armor: 2B/2L/2A B
  • DDV: 5
  • PDV: 2 (unarmed)
  • Join Battle: 6 (4)
  • Movement: 3
  • Dash: 9
  • Climb: 2
  • Swim: 2
  • Vertical Jump: 3 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 6 yards


  • Relics
    • Crocodile Leather Coat 2: Animal (Crocodile), Water, treat as armor 2/2/2 B
    • Designer Shades 1: Sun
    • Gris-Gris Handbag 4: Prophecy, Magic, Justice, Sky
    • Jazz Car 3: Drives self with legend point using charisma+art, reforms with the sound of jazz music, 4X normal speed and can ignore gravity for short bursts
    • Never-ending Cigarettes 1: as Name
    • Skeleton Key 3: Psychopomp, +Legend to Larceny
    • Smoking Gun 5: Choice of B/L, No Ammo, Darkness, +2 Acc [Acc 3, Dam 3L, Range: 20, Speed 4, P]
    • Sweet Whiskey 4: Never runs out, Heals as if health 3 but with no legend cost
    • Veve Lighter 1: Fire
  • Creatures
  • Guides
  • Followers
    • Chevals 5: 25 Chevals

Health and Trackable Things

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _-2/ _I|7

  • Legend: 6
  • Willpower: 6/6
  • Legend Point: 36/36


  • Total: 69
  • Remaining: 7
  • Spends: 62
    • Prophesy 4: 12
    • Prophesy 5: 16
    • Psychopomp 2: 4
    • Charisma 6: 20
    • Empathy 4: 5
    • Epic Stamina 2: 5

Simone Leblanc

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