Sasha Romanov

A normally brunette man who can change his appearance at will.


Normally a brunette man who can change his appearance at will so really this description is moot.


Sasha Romanov
Player: NPC
Calling: Nucleaur Physicist
Nature: Survivor
Pantheon: Soviet
God: Baba Yaga


Phyical Social Mental
Strength: 4 Charisma: 2 Perception: 4
Epic: 3 Epic: Epic: 2
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 6
Epic: Epic: Epic: 5
Stamina: 5 Appearance: 6 Wits: 4
Epic: 4 Epic: 5 Epic: 1


Academics: 5 Control: 1 (Sea) Melee: 3
Animal Ken: 4 Crafts: 5 (Electronics) Occult: 3
Art: 5 (Performance) Crafts: 4 (Metalwork) Politics: 2
Art: Empathy: Presence: 2
Athletics: 1 Fortitude: 5 Science: 5 (Physics)
Awareness: 3 Integrity: 5 Science: 3 (Chemistry)
Brawl: 1 Investigation: 3 Science: 5 (Computer)
Command: 1 Larceny: 1 Stealth: 4
Control: 2 (Land) Marksmanship: Survival: 1
Control: 1 (Air) Medicine: 3 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Appearance Detail Variation 1L, Change a minor physical detail. Can also become perfectly clean or incredibly filthy.
Appearance Doin’ Fine Always look fine despite injuries.
Appearance My Eyes Are Up Here 1WP Mortals ignore your Appearance for a scene.
Appearance Undeniable Resemblance 5L to make radical alterations. Impersonations require (Dex + Empathy) roll difficulty (1 + Legend).
Appearance Unusual Alteration 1L to alter features to nonhuman.
Intelligence Instant Translation Read anything
Intelligence Language Mastery Learn a language by hearing a few sentences.
Intelligence Math Genius Perform instant calculations and estimations.
Intelligence Mad Scientist Considered as a 1 in all sciences. Can spend 1L to pretend there’s 3 in a specific science.
Intelligence Multitasking Perform (Legend) mental actions at the same time without penalty
Perception Broad Spectrum Reception Senses up and down the spectrum, far beyond mortals
Perception Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception Need not concentrate for Broad-Spectrum Reception. 1L allows watching tv signals, hearing radio waves, etc.
Stamina Blood of the Serpent Immune to poison, toxins, or radiation. 1W to ignore supernatural ones.
Stamina Body Armor Can parry lethal attacks while unarmed, or spend 1L to grow Armor with Bashing and Lethal soak equal to Legend for a scene. The ichor coating has a -1 Maneuver penalty and can be hidden under clothing or other armor.
Stamina Inner Furnace Survive on any organic sustenance and water no matter how polluted.
Stamina Raise Your Glass Use drinking to regain Legend, but can’t use Epic Stamina to resist its effects.
Strength Atlas Shrug 3L to 5x Lifting capacity for the scene.
Strength Empowered Deflection Use Strength and Epic Strength to determine Parry DV.
Strength Uplifting Might 1L, Double lifting capacity.
Wits Instant Assessment 1L Instantly assess another’s combat abilities in relation to your own.


Purview Rank Name Effect
Animal 1 Bear Communication Can communicate with bears.
Animal 2 Bear Command Can command a single bear.
Animal 3 Fauniphasia 1L+1W. Borrow up to (successes) dots of abilities from an animal by eating a piece of it.
Binding 1 Center the Self 1L to ignore penalties to mental unless levied by being with higher legend
Binding 2 Binding the East Anytime you use Frost to alter the environment around you, add your legend as dice. When in natural surroundings, add your legend to all uses of Frost.
Binding 3 Herald of East All uses of the Bear animal purview gain your legend as dice in natural surroundings. Also, 1+L to summon a Frost/Bear to negate environmental penalties. Environmental effects that inflict no dice penalties only cost 1L instead of the level of the penalty. Effects made by higher legend beings are unaffected.
Binding 4 Binding the South Anytime you use Magic to target a mortal, gain your legend as dice. When in the company of [Your Legend] mortals, add your legend to all uses of Magic.
Binding 5 Herald of South When in the compant of [Your Legend] Mortals, gain your legend as dice to any Bat animal boon. By spending 3L and gaining successes on an Appearance+Presence roll = legend of the being to receive a message, may communicate through Bats for a scene with anyone on any plane. If they do not encounter the animal, it instead manifests the next time they sleep in their dreams.
Chaos 1 Eye of the Storm No damage from incidentals.
Fire 1 Fire Immunity No fire or smoke damage.
Frost 1 Frost Immunity Need never fear the cold.
Frost 2 Uller’s Stride 1L to add 5 to Movements on flat surfaces.
Frost 3 Hrimmthurssar’s Touch 1W + 1L. +(Legend / 2) bashing cold damage to unarmed attacks. Metal weapons can transfer the damage as well. Lasts the scene.
Frost 4 Frozen Panoply 1L/Creation, with standard rolls on pg. 39 of ragnarok pdf
Frost 5 Frozen Fortress 3L+1W, Create an enduring fortress from his favored element. See house rules for specifics
Magic 1 Measured Foe 1L, Per+Emp to learn highest purview or epic attribute per success
Magic 2 Legendary Surge 1L+ to transfer up to successes legend to target
Magic 3 Deux Ex Machina 1L to call for help and be saved by coincidence, resulting in a level 3 fatebinding if not spent down with extra legend to a minimum of 1.
Magic 3 Bound Spirit Target’s ghost is trapped at a spot. Those of your Legend or higher can resist with (W + I + L).
Magic 4 Fateful Connection 1L to use sympathetic link to target boons and spells remotely.
Magic 5 Fate Prison 1W+1L to bind a person into a place
Sky 1 Sky’s Grace 1L. Take no damage from falls of any height or double jump distance. Can also reduce knockback to a single yard.
Stars 1 Perfect Timing Always know the exact time. Can roll Per + Science +Stars to detect distance and direction to temporal anomolies.
Stars 2 Sense Age Touch an object to sense its age.
Stars 3 Aurora 3+L. Cloak of stars increases DVs by (activation successes / 2). Costs +1L per dot of epic appearance.
Stars 4 Still Object Freeze an object outside of time. It cannot be moved without supernatural means (usually an opposed Epic Strength roll). See The Impressed Spirit (Demigod, p. 96) for costs and sizes.


  • Conviction: 3
  • Duty: 2
  • Endurance: 4
  • Vengeance: 1

Derived Stats

  • Health: 14 (-0×13, I)
  • Soak: 12B/10L/4A (18B/16L/4A Body Armor)
  • Armor: Raputin’s Robes 4B/4L/4A, B
  • DDV: 5
  • PDV: 8 [kriss], 7 [unarmed]
  • Join Battle: 7 (1)
  • Movement: 3
  • Dash: 9
  • Climb: 2
  • Swim: 2
  • Vertical Jump: 9 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 18 yards


  • Relics
    • Bear-drawn Chariot 3: Flies, Always room for more (uncomfortably)
    • Enchanted Piano 4: Death, Illusion, Magic, Reduces diffulty of magic by 1 with a song
    • Flask 5: Frost, Chaos, Never Runs out of Vodka, Poison like Toxic Thorn
    • Heartless 4: Frost, Add Legend to Integrity Rolls, Permanent
    • Kriss 3: Animal (Bear), +2l [Acc 1, Dam 4L, Def 0, Speed 4]
    • Magic Trunk 5: May store anything placed inside and call to hand later. Items stolen from it kill a loved one once a week until they’re returned.
    • Meteorite Pendant 3: Fire, Stars, Sky
    • Nero’s Violin 2: Chaos, Fire
    • Rasputin’s Robes 5: Animal (Bat), Health, +2 Armor [4/4/4], -1F
  • Creatures
    • Nemean Bears (4)
  • Guides
  • Followers

Health and Trackable Things

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _I|14

  • Legend: 6
  • Willpower: 7/7
  • Legend Point: 36/36


  • Total: 69
  • Remaining: 11
  • Spends: 58
    • Art 1-5: 23
    • Fortitude 5: 8
    • Stars 4 (Still Object): 15
    • Bound Spirit Spell: 12

Sasha Romanov

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