Dark Night of the Gods

Big Apple's Golden Bar Awards


[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) ::So, like, what do you do now?::
(This is what people have been doing for the past few years that you both know about.)
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Scatach: She’s been kickin’ ass, taking names, and apparently dated Jane Lynch briefly.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Crow-Dad: he’s been spending more time as a crow than a dad. He’s apparently growing more comfortable switching between to pursue “pretty birds”. Each of these is horrifying to Kira.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Orphans: They’re actually about the right age to be useful now. Good job, Kira. Also, most of them have spent time in juvie.
maq: Good kids.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Chevals: Are enjoying some money from Niel’s comic business and are raising a lot of your children. Dick.
maq: Hey, I only give them the kids if they don’t mind.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Ailsa: Is currently in her Seelie phase. She’s been very innocent and chaste ever since she gave up her children (/Kira kept her from drowning them and eating them). She’s very attentive to her sister’s needs, becoming quite the confidant and “housekeeper”. She’s also drunk 99.997% of the time.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Iva: Has long since given up on knitting things for Kira. Instead, she’s been supporting Patrick’s partying lifetsyle and nagging him to shape up. She always sends chocolates when you guys settle down places where she can do that.
maq: I get a PO box EXPLICITLY to get Iva’s chocoaltes. I’d be a fool not to.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Oberon: Has mostly been tending to the fountain of youth and a fairy court. Apparently, that takes up most of his time.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Hannah: Kills shit.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Don’t ask more questions.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Neil: Has mostly been working on his series. It’s gained a massive following, and he promises big reveals are on the way. He never will tell what the next issue will be before he writes it, and you’re still never sure which if any are prophetic and which you’re just forcing to be so. Otherwise, he’s a ghost.
maq: I make out with him regularly. Admittedly while he’s in other bodies, but, y’know.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Sasha: breifly entered the public stage as a concert pianist. His mother and he have spent more time together, and he’s currently living in Northern Canada officially. He often travels the world, sowing seeds of discord in his wake. His magics have grown, and apparently Jack Frost and he are none too friendly. Winters have been horrible wherever he goes.
maq: That’s (one of my) boyfriends. <3><3><3><3>>
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Mother…”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “We were supposed to have two weeks.”
maq: “We did.”
maq: I text Simone back: “hello. yes”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) <<what’s>>
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Where’s… everyone?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Jack?”
maq: I text back: “you know what we’re doing for hannah/jack?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Hannah?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Patrick?”
maq: “Text them, dumbass.”
maq: “Or call. God.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Fine,” I mutter. Disgruntled. I don’t like deadlines. I text Jack: <<dude.>>
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) <<faintly?>>
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Jack does not respond.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “No Jack.”
maq: I reply: “golden bar award. eris running it. have to choose between a bar: apollo, artemis, dionysus.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I try Hannah: <<hello?>>
maq: “Might be fucking his nymphs,” I say, distractedly.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Neither of you has gotten Hannah, but she often goes places where cell phones laugh at you.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Simone: <<which>>
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) To Patrick, then: <<heard>>
maq: I reply to Simone: “hard choice. 1 or 2, prob, for me. not sure re: tadhg.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Patrick replies quickly: <<no,>>
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) Pang of intense guilt. <<miss>>
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Simone: <<then>>
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Simone: <<pretty>>
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) ((10s to check up on Jack))
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) You can’t find Jack. He’s someplace you can’t experience.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Damn it, Jack.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Fucking nymphs.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I look to Kira. “I don’t know. I don’t even remember the last one.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “I don’t like that.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Patrick: <<alright.>>
maq: “I remember it,” I say, casually, shrugging.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Well, I don’t.” Totally not lying through my teeth.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) To Patrick: <<love>>
maq: “Uh huh,” I say in a way that indicates I don’t believe him at all.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Manip+Pres vs. Kira’s Per+Emp
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “I’m so very dead.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) 6s!
maq: TEAGUE FOR ONCE WINS! I still say “Uh huh.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) He seems dumb enough to not remember.
maq: “What are we doing then.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “So… for me, I think I’m choosing between powerful animals from the goddess of hunting, or… possibly living through meeting my dad.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) Unless I want that pleasure.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) you do remember Xochipilli.
maq: “Having sex with Apollo and having his kid, getting a badass girdle, and having some maneads.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “So which one for you?”
maq: I shrug. “I like ’em all.” I twist around. “Let’s see. I got to have fun with Loki at Apollo’s. I really enjoyed Artemis’ club— more my type of place than the other two. Not as big into art nor the really party scene, really. Even if I had fun. So that leaves it balanced for me.” I tap my lip. “But then it comes down to what do we do with the other two.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “I know,” I sigh. “Two losers who aren’t going to be happy. We really need something for the last two. Something big we could do.”
maq: “Too bad Greeks aren’t in to human sacrifice,” I sigh.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I shudder.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “For me… I think even though Artemis was fun, her club wasn’t for me. And with Dionysus’ place… well, big rave. And maybe fleeting kinds of gifts.” No matter how mind-blowing. “I guess that leads me to lean toward Apollo’s place?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Why does any place feel like the wrong one?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) *choice
maq: “Because it is.” I pace a bit. She doesn’t say if she agrees or not, because you know, who knows who’s listening and what problems that could cause. " Hannah said REALLY think about their promises."
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “What about them? Which ones are best? Which ones give something away about the gods?”
maq: “And like—also, what did they say,” I pace more. “Yeah. Which ones give something away that we could use to our advantage.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Dionysus barely said anything.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Artemis was the most bribey.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Outright.”
maq: “I mean,” I sigh. “I guess, worst comes to worst, we just be honest. Let’s not pull a Paris here. He didn’t choose who was actually the most beautiful or the fairest. If we had to pick the actual best bar, it’s entirely up to our own tastes here.” I pace a little bit. “And yeah, Artemis wasn’t for you. So it wouldn’t be the best for you.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Nope.”
maq: “We’ll math this up.” I wave my hands. “Because I am not manipulative enough for this. What order would you put them in.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Teague’s nose is distracted.
maq: “Well—no. Let’s score them. That’s more likely to help.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Ok.” I think for a moment. “Club only.” I sniff.
maq: “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate them. Club only.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Something (to him) smells like the best sex ever.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Hocheepeelee?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I look around for the source of the smell.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) You find a small flower sitting on a table, only slightly marred by blood on the stem. http://www.flowerphotoprints.com/data/photos/142_1dahlia_flower_art_print_photo_red_white.jpg
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) That’s a hot flower.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Ummm. Ok. Scoring.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Artemis’ club: 5. She was fun. But nothing else.”
maq: “I, myself,” I consider aloud. “Hmm. Honestly, I would probably not say anything was a perfect ten. Mind you, that is because I generally as a rule do not care for bars. A perfect bar for me would be sitting at home in the cave. Alone. Possibly with some hot cocoa and snuggling with one of the boys.” I pace.
maq: One of the boys = alone, apparently.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Right.” I nod. “Apollo’s club: 7? Cool people, but not really my style, the art and stuff. Good drinks, though.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Dionysus: …” I pause.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Honest, right?”
maq: “I’d say for me, Artemis’ club would be a 9. I like it. I liked the leather, the coloring, the people.” I nod. “Honest.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “9.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “It doesn’t get a ten because I feel guilty.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I sniff the flower.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Things inside you tighten up.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) Putting that down. Gently.
maq: “Apollo’s,” I say then, pacing. “Again—artsy fartsy. I’m not much into it, though I can clinically understand it and enjoy it. Good drinks, though, and it probably had my favorite music and had the best conversation, which is something I enjoy. I would rate it,” she considers. “8.5. Dionysus, since I kept some of my mind, I did enjoy it, but that was less, I feel, the bar, ad more the attitude and the rampant drug use. And madness—while it is a part of me, it made me panic about scarecrow. And in the aftermath, it was good but—looking back on it, it is not something I would truly wish to do again. I would say…6?”
maq: “So Artemis: 5 and 9. 14. Apollo: 7 and 8.5. 15.5. Dionysus: 9 and 6. 15.”
maq: “Apollo.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Ok then,” I say, nodding.
maq: “We’re going to be so fucked,” I say.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Not in the good way, right?”
maq: “No.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Let’s just get this over with.”
maq: I nod my head. “Making enemies of two gods together?” I offer my fist for bumping.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “What can we offer the king of partying and the queen of I’m shooting you in the face with an arrow?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I bump.
maq: “I haven’t the slightest.”
maq: I inhale, exhale. “Where are we going?”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) When Kira gets up, she trips over a bloody shoe.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Great. Improvising. We’re really awesome at that.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XBt7df4cGMs/TcDIzG2ZsrI/AAAAAAAAAVw/HItszqsRpTU/s1600/tuesday_shoesday_mexican_cinco_de_mayo_tooled_shoes.jpg
maq: I look at it. “Oh, hey. Cute.”
maq: I sniff it.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Smells like death, fresh death, passionate murder.
maq: I put it on.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) There’ another under the couch.
maq: I put that one on too.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I’m a little afraid to pick up that flower again.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Killer heels.
maq: Also dress up nicely for that reward ceremony.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Where were we supposed to announce ourselves?”
maq: “No idea.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Ugh. Hannah. Jack. So gonna pay for this.”
maq: “We are the sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. We should accept our fate.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) With sex, if your drugged desires seem to hold any sway.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “We’ll find them. Let’s try Apollo’s. We’ll break the good news to him first.”
maq: I nod my head then, and after getting dressed and cleaned up, which isn’t hard, head out.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I dress as nicely as I can. Lots of layers.
maq: This time, I also take my backpack.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Teague has hickeys on every inch of his body.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) Or other ‘love marks
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I take up Caladbolg this time, putting it between my wings along my spine.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) And so, you’re not terribly surprised when you arrive at Apollo’s club, him holding a golden bar and smiling at the two of you. “I knew you’d pick me.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Why didn’t we ask him who we were going to pick?” I say miserably.
maq: “Hello,” I say. I look to Teague. “He would have said him.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “Because I’d say myself.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “He was right, though.”
maq: “But at the time it was schrodinger’s bar.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I sigh.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Do the others know?” I ask the god.
maq: “Likely.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “Oh, they will when the sun hits the highest part of the day.” He seems smug about this.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “I’d suggest not being around for that.”
maq: “I was about to recommend we get out of town.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Wait, we have to tell them we’ll do something else for them.”
maq: “Well, if Eris curse remains, I’m not totally certain that what we do will make a difference.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “Wait. You’re going to do something for the losers?” asks Apollo. “And what do i get?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Well, apparently we’re not,” I say.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “You’re a terrible liar.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “You wouldn’t be feeling extra generous, for winning legitimately, would you?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “I am not.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “We even had scores.”
maq: “Not a good thing to say,” I say to Teague.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) He gives Teague a look. “And that’s why you’re fully devoted to your boyfriend, enough to spur my affections?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I don’t know what to say to that.
maq: To Apollo: “We can do something for you as well, of course, mighty sun god,” I dip my head. “It would be our honor to do a task for you.” Wearily—but honest.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I look at my feet. How did I manage THREE?
maq: “That gold bar does match your hair beautifully,” I add.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “I know.” He looks to Kira. “I think I’ll wait to see what you do for them so that I can ensure you’re giving me what I’m due, as the rightful winner.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “That’s fair,” I admit with a sigh.
maq: “And if I just convince Teague to leave town?”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “You could behead him.”
maq: “I could,” I agree.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I look up rather sharply. This again?!?
maq: “Do you wish for me to behead him?”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “I think it’d be a bad form for the man who’s going to serve as my cupbearer for a decade.”
maq: “I agree.” I nod my head.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I don’t even open my mouth. More stupid will come out.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) I poke Kira.
maq: I look to him.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) Which decade?
maq: I sigh, and look to Apollo. “Which decade?”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “Whichever i choose, of course.”
maq: “Certainly. If he is in the middle of a grueling task, would it be admissible for him to at least finish that, first?”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “No.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “It’s enough to insult me.”
maq: “Understandable, great sun god.” I dip my head.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) For what it’s worth, I hang my head in shame. It’s like bowing. I do respect him, I just also now fear him.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) He smiles that pretty smile. It makes you forget momentarily that he’s being a dick while you think about taking one.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “I think I should leave now.”
maq: I smile — not as prettily — back. “Anything from me, sir?”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “Expect me with some sunrise in the future.”
maq: “Certainly.” I smile and dip my head. And then I turn and walk away. God, I need to get Susano-o out of prison in florida.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) He puts down the golden bar long enough to pick up a quiver and bow.
maq: Well
maq: No.
maq: I don’t turn and walk away.
maq: I dip my head. “May we take our leave?” I ask, honestly. You ask this shit.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) He fires the full quiver into the open air, letting them fly.
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) He looks at Teague and smiles. “They’ll find their target when they need to.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) “Now you may leave.”
maq: “Thank you,” I dip my head to him again, and turn and leave.
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) "Thank you,’ I say, bowing. That was cryptic, but now is not the time to ask questions.
maq: When we’re good and far away and possibly on a subway trian making a lot of noise: “Rule one: don’t mention another god getting something else. Rule two: never mention points. They’d all be offended we didn’t give them perfect tens.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “But he won fair and square,” I insist. “How does that count for nothing?!”
maq: “The Greeks as a rule don’t care about fair and square. Nor does the world.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Wonderful.”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “Now what? Florida?”
maq: “I think so. You?”
[Hands of Power]: (aaron.grey) “I think I’ll go, if you don’t care. The western half of the country isn’t going to be a safe place for me.”
maq: I nod my head. “Sure. We’ll take my motorcycle.”
[Hands of Power]: (endicottkid@yahoo.com) [Paused. 10 xp]



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