Looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore…

Not that Missouri is much better…

It’s sort of like Ireland in that it’s a place…

Why the fuck are we here?

Who suggested this?
Oh, crap, they’re reading this.

Any good epic story needs a wonderful epic backdrop, doesn’t it? This does not bode well for our heroes. Still, there are more than a few hard-fought legends to come from lesser places. Besides, the favored children of the gods will have much to do in order to rise to join their mothers and fathers in the well-tested Tuatha.

Sadly, they aren’t the only children of the gods at work in such ways. Just like heroes, demigods, and the gods before them, cultures will clash and bring about great romances, bitter rivalries, and horrific war. With most of the horrific Greater Titans bound forever in the pits of the Abyss, Tarturus, whatever you may call it, it seems the only thing that can destroy the gods are one another. It’s too bad they seem Hell-bent on doing so.

Did I mention Hell? Oh yes, there will be many Hells (and even a Hel) to contend with. The machinations of the great divinities are inscrutable, petty, and extremely proud. How will our protagonists survive the great onslaught of wrongness and evil facing them? One way to find out.

Dark Night of the Gods

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