Tadgh Brennan

Character sheet: Tadgh Brennan

Tadgh Brennan – Lion Tamer

“What a dick.”

- Kira



Visible Information

  • Age: 28
  • Appearance: 3
  • Epic:
  • Distinctive Characteristics: Rainbow eyes
  • Motifs: Father’s Connections, Beasts, Rainbows, Fae, Messengers, Protection

Godly Things

  • Associated Powers: None yet
  • Favored Abilities: Animal Ken, Command, Melee, Presence


  • “I hear that Teague will seduce the bad guy no matter what the situation. Titanspawn? He’ll seduce it.”
  • “He’s done something to offend his father which is why his father doesn’t answer his prayers.”
  • “He’s not a scion — he’s a faerie.”
  • “I hear he owes the Lady of the Lake a favor.”


  • blam


Tadgh Brennan

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