Sasha Romanov

Sasha Romanov – The Beautiful Monster

The answers aren’t so simple most of the time. Cruelty, beauty, grace, and violence often go hand-in-hand. Knowledge often only brings madness. But the search for the truth, that’s a worthwhile pursuit. Better yet, to create your own truth. Make the universe as you wish it to be. Make your own answers, and stop bothering me to ask what they are.


A cold man by any standards, this Russian man if alternately angelically beautiful (Hey, angels were beings of divine fire who slaughtered thousands. It fits.) and alien beyond compare. This man’s eyes constantly rove beyond what others can see, and he claims to be hearing the music of the spheres rather than your boring prattle when you accuse him of not listening. Still, something must stir his heart considering the beautiful way he performs music. Hey, wait a minute…


  • God: Baba Yaga
  • Demigod Role: Rasputin’s Heir. He’s said to be seductive in his own way, but few can see it. More what they see is the supposed direct descendant of Grigori Rasputin acting in dangerous, potentially murderous ways. He’s like a dancing cobra, beautiful, but never to be touched.
  • Notable Features: Most often, Sasha sports snow-white hair, blue eyes the color of a frozen lake, and skin like crushed diamonds. When persuaded to look human, he’s often a very attractive brunette with a lithe build that belies his hidden strength. Should you get close enough to try, you will feel no heartbeat in his chest, and an ugly scar often covers where it had been.

Godly Things

  • Associated Powers: None
  • Favored Abilities: Academics, Art, Crafts, Fortitude, Integrity, Science

Sasha Romanov

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