Patrick MacSluathlin

Patrick MacSluathlin – The Seductive Serpent

Look into my eyes. You can trust me.


The being known as Patrick has evolved far from what he was. A symbol of unearthly beauty and desire, his form is mutable to suit his needs. Still, in his “natural” form, his eyes are an entrancing green that could turn the ead of the most devout. Along his face and in small spirals all across his body, shimmering scales mark him, accenting rather than detracting from the appeal. Still, it’s not unheard of for the man to tint his skin green and transform his hair to wild vines, becoming one with nature.

Known Information

  • God: Aengus
  • Demigod Role: Bad Boy Debutant. Since coming into his age and power, Patrick has begun seeking out more legendary beings, establishing a wide social network for himself. He’s becoming known for garnering amorous looks, behaving badly in certain situations, and getting away with it by placing the onus on someone else. While Aengus himself often brings the party, Patrick is the one making the party really come to life.
  • Notable Features: Patrick has strange patterns of scales that have popped up along his body as he’s begun delving more into his shapeshifter nature. His forked tongue and nearly living hair still defy those who look upon him to dismiss him as a usual pretty face. Lastly, he’s been seem as a very calm, collected man while under the influence.

Godly Things

  • Associated Powers: None
  • Favored Abilities: Art


Patrick MacSluathlin

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