Jack Stryker

Jack Stryker – The Front Line General

Wanna bet I kill more zombies than you? Come on. I’ll even give you a twenty zombie headstart. Get it? Headstart? Ready-go!


The young man has grown into those bulging muscles. And damn, does it look good. Never the smart one of the group, the one thing going for Jack is he’s loyal. He’s always there, a team player, even when he plans on leading the team. Jack’s whole life is battle, and he plans on keeping everything nice and ready for the fight. He has his fun like his father, and he fights like his brother. But let no man stand between him and a friend, or they won’t make it through the night.

Known Information

  • God: Zeus
  • Demigod Role: Demigod of Athletes. While Apollo might not be exactly pleased with it, Zeus has bestowed a title upon his new favored son. It doesn’t help that he’s already been inducted into every sport hall of fame in his five year career.
  • Notable Features: Jack is most often seen in the company of several armed men, and often wears his armor. Somehow, he seems to get away with it. As with a lot of things.

Godly Things

  • Associated Powers:
  • Favored Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Melee, Thrown


Jack Stryker

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