Hannah Nemi

Hannah Nemi – The Grecian Warrior

It’s a tiger, it dies. Period.


The slayer of beasts is what many have begun to know this demigod as. Her favor for utilitarian clothing and living have made few exceptions: her long hair held far from her face, a few magical trinkets, and a simple golden band on her left ring finger. Generally, if she’s not dirty or bloody, one can find Simone not too far away.

Known Information

  • God: Athena
  • Demigod Role: Athena’s Bloody Hand. The mother of this demigoddess is known to send her out only to kill, not to play diplomat. She seems all too comfortable with the role.
  • Notable Features: Hannah’s body is severely scarred over most of her body, excluding her face. Those familiar with the markings would note they’re the marks of tiger claws given to her during a fight with a goddess.

Godly Things

  • Associated Powers: None
  • Favored Abilities: Marksmanship, Survival



Hannah Nemi

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