Hercules the Lion

Creature 3


Attributes: Strength 6, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5; Charisma 2, Manipulation 0, Appearance 4; Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Epic Attributes: Strength 2 [Holy Bound, Shockwave], Dexterity 1 [Cat’s Grace], Stamina 1 [Damage Conversion]
Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Presence 3, Fortitude 3, Stealth 4, Survival 3
Join Battle: 6
Bite: Accuracy 6, Damage 7L, Parry DV —, Speed 6
Claw: Accuracy 7, Damage 6L, Parry DV —, Speed 4
Soak: 5A/11L/14B
Armor: 2A/2L/4B
Legend 2 [4/4]
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-3/Incap
Virtues: Courage 5, Expression 1, Intellect 1, Piety 2
Dodge DV: 6 Willpower: 7
Other Notes: None


Hercules the lion was once an ordinary lion before the fairy Fand enchanted him to grow twice as large and with that twice as smart. He is expected to serve as a mount and even die for his master. To help with this, the fairy decided the subtle approach of rainbow-tinted armor was the way to go. He will never allow a saddle upon him.

Hercules the Lion

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