Patrick McSluothlin

Very pretty snake-boy.


A tall, very attractive boy who just so happens to have some properties similar to medusas and snakes.


Patrick McSluothlin
Player: NPC
Calling: Sweet Serpent
Nature: Libertine
Pantheon: Tuatha
God: Aengus


Phyical Social Mental
Strength: 3 Charisma: 5 Perception:3
Epic: 1 Epic: 5 Epic: 1
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 4 Intelligence: 3
Epic: 3 Epic: 2 Epic:
Stamina: 6 Appearance: 6 Wits: 5
Epic: 5 Epic: 5 Epic:


Academics: 2 Crafts: 1 (Woodworking) Melee: 2
Animal Ken: 1 Crafts: Occult: 1
Art: 5 (Performance) Crafts: Politics: 1
Art: Empathy: 3 Presence: 3
Athletics: 2 Fortitude: 3 Science: 2 (psychology)
Awareness: 1 Integrity: 1 Science: 1 (sociology)
Brawl: 1 Investigation: 1 Science:
Command: 1 Larceny: Stealth: 1
Control: Marksmanship: Survival: 3
Control: Medicine: 3 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Appearance Compelling Presence 1L/person. As Serpent’s Gaze without eye contact on up to (Epic Appearance + Legend) targets.
Appearance Come Hither 1L Anyone seeing you (even a picture) and being asked to join you will make all due haste to join you.
Appearance Detail Variation 1L to change minor physical details or become incredibly filthy or clean
Appearance My Eyes Are Up Here 1W to make mortals ignore your appearance for a scene
Appearance Serpent’s Gaze 1L, Force someone to maintain eye contact as a diceless action.
Appearance Undeniable Resemblance 5L to make radical appearance alterations. Impersonations require [Dex+Empathy] rolls at 1+Legend of those impersonated.
Charisma Benefit of the Doubt 1L Force someone not to dismiss your next statement
Charisma Blame James 2L to blame someone else while using Boys Will Be Boys
Charisma Boys Will Be Boys 1L, target person with lower or equal Legend you’ve offended is no longer upset. Those of equal Legend resist your (Cha + Leg + Pres) vs. their (Will + Int + Leg).
Charisma Charmer 1L, Convinces someone to help you, if you can say the right words.
Charisma Engender Love 1L (Cha + Pres + Leg) vs. (Will + Int + Leg) to cause love for (threshold successes) days.
Dexterity Monkey Climber Climb at full speed and still take other actions.
Dexterity Omnidexterity True ambidexterity and 1/2 penalties for awkward limb usage
Dexterity Perfect Partner Automatically coordinate with others, win at dancing, or be best lay.
Manipulation Gods’ Honest 1L to make a lie completely believable
Manipulation Stench of Guilt Know when someone is hiding something about the current topic.
Perception Refined Palette Analyze compounds with a sniff or tentative taste and can sniff out poisons or other harmful additives.
Stamina Devourer Eat or drink practically anything.
Stamina Holy Fortitude Double time without food, water, or sleep and double time one can do strenuous activity
Stamina Inner Furnace Survive on any organic sustnance and water no matter how polluted.
Stamina Internal Refinery 5L/dose. Immune to poisons and toxins, and can refine any poison or toxin exposed to into an antidote that removes a dose of the toxin from anyone it’s administered to if done within one scene.
Stamina Whale’s Breath 1L to triple time without breathing. Can speak underwater and need not fear losing breath from damage.
Strength Crushing Grip Lethal in a Clinch


Purview Rank Name Effect
Animal 1 Dove Communication Talk to Doves
Animal 2 Dove Command 1W to command a single immediate action or one with a single condition. Must have Animal Communication (Animal •) or be restricted to simple nonverbal cues.
Animal 3 Snake Aspect 1L/Action. By meditating on a token of his animal for one Speed 3 action, can enhance an attribute associated with the animal by adding one die per activation to all tests using that attribute.
Enech 1 Brehon’s Eye 1L Read Nature, highest virtue, and lowest virtue from (successes) individuals, starting with the highest Legend.
Enech 2 Hero’s Geas Choose a Legendary Geas. Additionally, when purchasing a nonassociated boon, may choose a geas in order to buy it as if it were associated.
Enech 3 Lay Token Geas 1L + 1WP/Dot. Difficulty (Legend + 1) roll opposed by (W + I + L) to apply a Token geas to another for two months per success (max year and a day). Or permanent if a permanent Willpower dot is spent.
Fertility 1 Green Thumb 1L/Plant/Year makes plant survive without food or water
Fertility 2 Toxic Thorn 1L Grow a poisonous thorn on yourself
Fertility 3 Bless or Blight 3L Protect a patch of land from blights and infestations for a year. Alternatively, can trigger a blight or infestation in the area. Area is one acre per activation success.
Fertility 3 Greenskin 2L for +1 Lethal and Bashing soak, photosythesis, and no blood loss from injuries for (activation success) scenes.
Fertility 4 Natural Camouflage 1L. In an environment with plants you are almost impossible to detect. Mortal attempts to find or track fail. Predatory Focus or Arete (Survival) allows tracking attempts,. but can only reveal the general location. Supernal Hunter is required to find you.
Health 1 Assess Health Automatically assess the medical condition of a living person in your presence. Tells health levels, addictions, and illnesses or diseases.
Health 2 Bolster Each success grants one target one bonus health level for the remainder of the scene.
Health 3 Antidote 1L to combat a poisoners successes with your own antitoxin
Health 3 Heal / Infect 1L or 1W Heal (activation successes) bashing levels for 1L, or downgrade that many levels of lethal to bashing. Can also cause bashing or upgrade it to lethal at the same rate. Works once per day per target.
Health 4 Cradlesong Speed 5, DV -2. Put (activation successes) people of equal or lower Legend to sleep. Those of equal Legend resist with (W + I + L). Lasts (Legend) hours. You must not be performing strenuous activity. If they are active, you must pay the higher cost.
Mystery 1 Uncanny Intuition Gain one small detail from ST per session
Mystery 2 Unnatural Insight Add (Mystery) dice to any roll of Perception + an ability to gain insight. Does not include surprise or knack activations.
Mystery 3 Drawing Conclusions 1L. Use a Speed 3 / DV -1 action to get a detailed replay of the last (activation successes) of a scene that is already in progress.
Mystery 4 Postcognition See an event that happened in your location up to (activation successes) years ago. Costs 1W plu 1L / year, minimum 1W + 1L.
Mystery 5 Connect the Dots Determine a connection between the target and a specific event, character, or location. Difficulty is their (Legend) plus whatever the GM deems appropriate for the distance of the connection.

Other Powers

Petrifying Eye: Roll Appearance + Presence + Legend vs Wits + awareness + Legend. Each success on the target removes a dot of dexterity (or epic dex). Beings of higher Legend are immune. If successfully downed to 0, the target is turned to stone for a number of days = to legend. If used on a mortal, this is instead months. 3 Legend per attempt.
Tough Hide: 10B/10L/5Agg Soak.


  • Courage: 2
  • Expression: 3
  • Intellect: 3
  • Piety: 3

Derived Stats

  • Health: 18
  • Soak: 27B/24L/11A
  • Armor: none needed, what a fuck
  • DDV: 10
  • PDV: 6
  • Join Battle: 6
  • Movement: 7
  • Dash: 17
  • Climb: 7
  • Swim: 6
  • Vertical Jump: 4 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 8 yards


  • Relics
    • Birdseed Pouch 2: Animal (Dove), Connection to Wedding Flock
    • Craneskin Bag 2: Stores everything put into it in a subspace.
    • Damballa’s Needle 4: Animal (Snake), Fertility, Mystery, and never runs out of heroin.
    • Magic Mirror 5: Connections to Oberon and Lady Godiva, Also allows him to speak through mirrors withing Legx5 miles
    • Tristan’s Circlet 5: Health, Fertility, Magic, restores anyone to the peak of their lifespan.
    • Tristan’s Noose 1: Can reach to Legend x 5 Yard. Treat as a garotte.
    • Whitestone Necklace 2: Animal (Frog), Water
    • Ysaie’s Cloak 2: Moon, My Eyes are Up Here
  • Creatures
    • Wedding Flock 2: Mechanically same as Flocks of Morrigan, but more useless.
  • Guides
    • Lady Godiva 3: Also his mother
    • Oberon 5: Technically equal to a god in power, despite being king of some fairies.
  • Followers

Health and Trackable Things

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _I|18

  • Legend: 6
  • Willpower: 6/6
  • Legend Point: 36/36


  • Total: 69
  • Remaining: 8
  • Spends: 61
    • Mystery 4: 15
    • Mystery 5: 20
    • Health 1: 2
    • Health 2: 2
    • Health 4: 15
    • Medicine 3: 3
    • Epic Manipulation 2: 4

Patrick McSluothlin

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