Kira O'Cnaimhin

A dark-haired dark-eyed somber looking girl.


When you imagine someone from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, you probably imagine someone who looks much like Kira — bone thin, with stark-white flesh and a long shock of black hair with equally dark eyes, wearing dark clothes that only make her flesh look more white. Her flesh is covered with scars, chunks of flesh missing, and what flesh she does have that is whole and full tends to have small strange black sigils tattooed into it.


Kira O’Cnaimhin
Player: Maq
Calling: Mother of Monsters
Nature: Cynic
Pantheon: Tuatha
God: Morrigan


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 2 Charisma: 3 Perception: 4
Epic: 1 Epic: 1 Epic: 1
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 6
Epic: 3 Epic: 2 Epic: 5
Stamina: 6 Appearance: 6 Wits: 6
Epic: 6 Epic: 6 Epic: 3


Academics: 1 Crafts: 1 *metalwork Melee: 5
Animal Ken: 3 Crafts: Occult: 4
Art: 1 * textiles Crafts: Politics: 1
Art: Empathy: 3 Presence: 3
Athletics: 2 Fortitude: 3 Science: 1 * physics
Awareness: 3 Integrity: 4 Science:
Brawl: 1 Investigation: 1 Science:
Command: 1 Larceny: 3 Stealth: 3
Control: 1 * land Marksmanship: 1 Survival: 2
Control: Medicine: 1 Thrown: 3


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Appearance Doin’ Fine Always look fine despite injuries.
Appearance Visage Great and Terrible. 3L Shift from beautiful to hideous.
Appearance Star Power ALWAYS LOOK AWESOME.
Appearance My Eyes Are Up Here 1W, Mortals Ignore Epic App
Appearance Detail Variation 1L Change a minor physical detail. Can also become perfectly clean or incredibly filthy.
Appearance Undeniable Resemblance 5L Make radical alterations. Impersonations require (Dex + Empathy) roll difficulty (1 + Legend).
Dexterity Cat’s Grace Always stay on your feet, regardless of Knockback or terrain. Suffer no dice penalties to actions from unstable terrain.
Dexterity Divine Balance Walk on almost anything, even if it doesn’t support your weight.
Dexterity Untouchable Opponent 1L Double epic dex for Dodge DV and ignore terrain penalties = to Ep Dex.
Charisma Hapless Cool 1L and you’re cool.
Intelligence Fast Learner 1/2 xp to Academics, Medicine, Occult, Politics or Science.
Intelligence Instant Translation Read anything.
Intelligence Language Mastery Learn a language by hearing a few sentences.
Intelligence Math Genius Be a genius at math.
Intelligence Perfect Memory Remember everything.
Intelligence Star Pupil 1/2 xp cost for Athletics, Brawl, Craft, Control, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship, Melee, Survival and Thrown.
Intelligence Teaching Prodigy 1/2 xp to students.
Manipulation Knowing Glance 1L When you are aware that another is hiding a secret, make eye contact to drain their Willpower pool.
Manipulation Stench of Guilt Know when someone is hiding something about the current topic.
Perception Sense Fatebond 1L …Sense Fatebond.
Stamina Blood of the Serpent 1W for supernatural poisons, but immune to all poisons, toxins, and radiation.
Stamina Damage Conversion 1L and incoming Lethal damage becomes bashing.
Stamina Controlled Potency Decide when and when not to have the babbies.
Stamina Extended Youth Always Young
Stamina Under Pressure Never harmed by pressure or atmosphere
Stamina Hidden Pregnancy Yup
Strength Making it Looks Easy Combine strength with multiple actions.
Wits Eternal Vigilance Cannot be taken by surprise.
Wits Monkey in the Middle No coordinated attack or onslaught penalties.
Wits Opening Salvo Make a remark, opponent loses a WP.


Purview Rank Name Effect
Animal Bull 1 Animal Communication Can communicate with bulls.
Animal Corvids 1 Animal Communication Can communicate with corvids.
Animal Corvids 2 Animal Command Can command a single corvid.
Animal Corvids 3 Animal Aspect Speed 3, meditate on token of animal, enhance an attribute associated for the scene. One die per activation to all tests.
Animal Corvids 5 Animal Feature 5L. Every five successes on his activation roll allow him to activate another feature, to a maximum of half the number of Boons he has in the Animal purview.
Animal Snakes 1 Animal Communication Can communicate with snakes.
Binding 1 Center the Self Willpower + Integrity, 1 Legend. Pick an attribute category when purchasing this boon. When activated, the character takes no penalties when using that category for the scene unless the penalty is from a higher legend character. Category chosen: Mental
Binding 2 Binding the East Pick one non-animal Purview. This is associated with your East. Anytime you use this purview to alter the environment around you, add your legend as dice. When in natural surroundings (not man made), add your legend to all uses of the purview. (non-animal Purview: Fire)
Binding 3 Herald of the East Charisma + Animal Ken. 1+ Legend. Choose one animal purview to bind to your East. When in natural surroundings, add your legend to all uses of this purview. When in situations that inflict penalties, spend 1 Legend per level of penalty negated to add the effect flavored by your East purview/animal. Effects that affect your environment but do not inflict dice penalties cost a single legend. Effects created by higher legend beings cannot be affected. (Animal purview: Corvids)
Binding 4 Binding of the South When in the company of (Legend) mortal, add legend to all uses of purview. Also, when a mortal is the target of this purview by you, add legend to dicepool. (Purview: Darkness)
Binding 5 Herald of the South Appearance + Presence. 3L. When in the presence of Legend Mortals, add legend to all uses of this purview. With the legend + a roll = to legend of the being to receive my message, may speak with them for a scene. If they do not encounter the animal before they sleep, they dream of it. No knacks or boons used through this. (Purview: Corvids).
Chaos 1 Eye of the Storm No damage from incidentals.
Chaos 2 Hornet’s Nest 1L Recognize what causes/diffuses chaos.
Darkness 1 Night Eyes No darkness penalties.
Darkness 1 Are You Afraid of the Dark? Target loses 1W. Does not affect those of higher Legend. Those with equal or lower resist with (W + I + P).
Darkness 2 Shadow Mask Face in darkness and voice a whisper.
Darkness 3 Shadow Refuge Hide within any shadow that can hold your body size. Mundane detection automatically fails.
Darkness 4 Absorb Light 2L +(Legend) dice for stealth. Immune to the Sun purview of those with Legend lower than yours. Lasts 1 scene.
Death 1 Death Senses Can see, touch, smell, hear ghosts. Can sort of tell reason of death for bodies.
Death 2 Euthanasia 1L. When a being is at incapacitated with a Lethal or Aggravated wound, the Scion can end their suffering.
Death 3 Wail of the Damned 1L. Manip + Occult. No legend flees. Resist with Wits + Integ. Opponents less run, opponents equal stand dazed, higher are at -1 for scene.
Death 4 Poltergeist Beacon 1L, 1W, 1Lethal. Int + Occ. Put a drop of blood on someone, and ghosts/poltergeists/etc fuck with them for successes weeks.
Death 5 Mother’s Touch 1L Can touch and fight and crap ghosts/spectres.
Enech 1 Brehon’s Eye Read Nature, highest virtue, and lowest virtue from (successes) individuals, starting with the highest Legend.
Enech 2 Hero’s Geas Choose a Legendary Geas. Additionally, when purchasing a nonassociated boon, may choose a geas in order to buy it as if it were associated. Breaking the geas removes access to the boon.
Fire 1 Fire Immunity No fire or smoke damage.
Fire 2 Bolster Fire Make a candle flame or help a fire burn.
Fire 3 Quench 2L, Manip + Surv, extinguish non-magic fires, and can contain fires.
Fire 4 Blazing Weapon 1L/Weapon, can create a weapon of flames or cause a weapon to enflame.
Health 1 Assess Health Automatically assess health of all living persons nearby.
Health 2 Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty Take away or restore reproductive capabilities in a target for one year per activation success.
Health 3 Heal/Infect Heal (activation successes) bashing levels for 1L, or downgrade that many levels of lethal to bashing.
Itztli 1 Maguey Sting Take 1L Health Damage, Regain 1L. Usable once per day.
Itztli 2 Combat Sacrifice Sacrifice up to (Legend) DV against one attack. If it deals damage, regain Legend equal to the DV penalty taken.
Itztli 3 Obsidian Mutilation 1Lethal per 1L. As Maguey Sting (Itztli •) but with no limit to health levels traded or uses per day.
Itztli 4 Obsidian Extraction May use Obsidian Mutilation (Itztli •••) on others. If done within one hour, the heart of an opponent killed in combat or a victim who dies to this boon may be sacrificed for 1W + 5L.
Justice 1 Judgement Intuitively tell whether a suspect is guilty of something the Scion suspects.
Magic 1 Ariadne’s Thread 1L Per + Surv Track someone by following the threads of fate.
Water 1 Water Breathing Can breathe water and immune to water temps.


  • Courage: 3
  • Duty: 1
  • Endurance: 3
  • Expression: 1
  • Intellect: 2
  • Piety: 4
  • Vengeance: 1

Derived Stats

  • Health: 18 (17 regular, 1 Incapacitated)
  • Soak: 17B, 14L, 5A
  • Armor: 3B, 1L, 1A (Leather) + Jaguar Relic (3B, 1L)
  • DDV: 7 (UO: 11, w/Mirror Shield: 15)
  • PDV: 5
  • Join Battle: 8
  • Movement: 7
  • Dash: 20
  • Climb: 4
  • Swim: 4
  • Vertical Jump: 4 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 8 yards
  • Without Food/Sleep: 11 weeks
  • Without Water: 6 weeks
  • Strenuous Activity: 20 days
  • Hold Breath: 144 minutes


Other Equipment

  • 6/6 Vials of Medusa Antitoxin. – Cave
  • 46/46 Vials of Oni Blood. – Cave
  • Hide/Leather Armor, Soak: +1L/3B, Mobility: -1, Fatigue: 1 – wears

Health and Trackable Things

_ | _ | _ | _ | _ |_ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ I|18
  • Legend: 7
  • Willpower: 7/7
  • Legend Point: 49/49


Health (Boon) 1 :: 5
Death (Boon) 1 :: 4
Epic Dexterity 1 (Untouchable Opponent): 10xp
Epic Intelligence 2 (Fast Learner): 5xp
Medicine 1: 2xp
Appearance 4: 12xp
Epic Appearance 2 (Visage Great and Terrible): 4xp
Epic Appearance 3 (Star Power): 8xp
Epic Perception 1 (Sense Fatebond): 10xp
Animal (Corvid) Animal Aspect 3: 8xp
Animal (Snake) Animal Communication: 4xp
Darkness 3: Shadow Refuge: 10xp
Endurance 3: 4xp
Duty 1: 3xp
Enech 1: 4xp
Enech 2: 5xp
Epic Dex Cat’s Grace: 5xp
Intelligence 4: 12xp
Epic Stamina 2 (Controlled Potency): 5xp
Crafts 1: 3xp
Int Knack: Instrant Tranlation: 5xp
Epic Stam 3: Hidden Pregnancy: 10xp
Piety 3: 6xp
Politics 1: 1xp
Occult 3: 3xp
Melee 4: 3xp
Water 1: 5xp
Fire 3: 10xp
Fire 4: 15xp
Epic Strength 1: 8xp
Integrity 4: 8xp
Expression 1: 3xp (got 2xp back for Enech!)
Art 1: 1xp
Chaos 3: 8xp
Animal 5 Corvids: 20xp
Animal 1 Bull: 4xp
Occult 4: 4xp
Control Land 1: 3xp
Health 2: 2xp
Health 3: 5xp
Death 5: 16xp
Vengeance 1: 3xp
Epic Manip 2: 5xp
Empathy 2-3: 10xp
Melee 5: 4xp
Magic (Ariadne’s Thread): 2xp
Darkness 4: 15xp
Epic Stamina 6: 25
Epic Appearance 6: 20

  • Total XP Spent: 329
  • Overall Total XP: 344
  • Total XP Remaining: 15
  • Kira was always very close to her father, Jack. She never really got too closely along with anyone else, even when she’d she’d go with her father to his social events — she’d stick by his leg and rarely interact with anyone else.
  • At the age of nine, her father died of apparent heart attack. Kira was briefly a ward of the state before she was taken in to the oh-so-loving grasp of her aunt Enda. Kira greatly disliked her aunt.
  • After a few months of living under Enda’s sway, Kira ran away. Enda re-captured her and decided to punish her. Turns out punishment meant using Kira as a way to summon monsters from other worlds. These summonings were performed by carving Kira’s flesh from her bones and feeding it to her while Enda’s cult chanted. Cthonic beasts climbed and pulled themselves from Kira’s flesh during these rituals. It was painful—incredibly so.
  • Morrigan caught heed of what was happening rather quickly, and she was pissed. She came, dispatched Enda (who may have, all along, not been related to Kira — she’s not entirely certain), and awakened her daughter to what she was. She also shoved about thirty crows and ravens into her flesh, which was very pleasant.
  • After that, Kira began working for her mother. First, she had to deal with one of her cthonic babies (as it were), who happened to be living inside a senator and his wife simultaneously.
  • She then had to help fight some dwarves who were causing some issues.
  • Between jobs, she’s been going to school, hanging out with her new guardian (a crow turned into a man — thanks Mom), and staying in the aviary at Kansas City, where she often sits with Teague.


  1. Service: Kira is bound by the duty geas, which Fate has decreed will see her kill her monstrous children. To do this, Fate has empowered her mother’s first gift to her, her corvids.
  2. Ability: Like her mother, she also has been drawn towards darker pursuits. So much that Fate calls her to the sunless places. Four days out of each month, the sun must not touch her skin, or all will see her ghostly white skin when she attempts to hide from her enemies.
  3. Legendary: Mother: Do not allow any mother or pregnant woman to be harmed, or fail to supply her needs. Restore health to the mother and punish those responsible for harming any mother.

Things to Remember

  1. From Marinette Be careful what you say after night falls. You never know what can hear you.

Kira O'Cnaimhin

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