Jack Stryker

A super muscular and cut dudebro.


Way too over-muscled to be really all that appealing, Jack looks like the epitome of dudebro.


Jack Stryker
Player: NPC
Calling: Next Hercules
Nature: Competitor
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
God: Zeus


Phyical Social Mental
Strength: 6 Charisma: 6 Perception: 3
Epic: 5 Epic: 2 Epic: 1
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 3
Epic: 3 Epic: 1 Epic:
Stamina: 6 Appearance: 4 Wits: 3
Epic: 5 Epic: 1 Epic: 2


Academics: Crafts: Melee: 5
Animal Ken: 1 Crafts: Occult: 1
Art: Crafts: Politics:
Art: Empathy: 1 Presence: 3
Athletics: 5 Fortitude: 3 Science:
Awareness: 3 Integrity: 1 Science:
Brawl: 5 Investigation: Science:
Command: 3 Larceny: Stealth: 1
Control: 1 (Land) Marksmanship: 2 Survival: 1
Control: Medicine: 2 Thrown: 5


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Appearance Game Face 1L, Target flees until sunrise. Does not work on beautiful Scions with more Epic Appearance.
Charisma Never Say Die When knocked down, reassure your Band to replenish 1W per health level of damage taken.
Charisma Hapless Cool No matter what happens, for the rest of the scene you’re Cool.
Dexterity And the Crowd Goes Wild Dice from Athletics are automatically counted as success. May spend 1L to count Athletics Arete dice as successes as well.
Dexterity Fast As Thought 1L to double Lightning movements for a scene
Dexterity Lightning Sprinter 1L to double dash and negate penalties from mud or water while running.
Manipulation Seductive Mein 1L to once a day per person overcome any issues with having sex with the user.
Perception Subvocalization Have super quiet conversations that you can set the epic perception to hear.
Stamina Body Armor Can parry lethal attacks while unarmed, or spend 1L to grow Armor with Bashing and Lethal soak equal to Legend for a scene. The ichor coating has a -1 Maneuver penalty and can be hidden under clothing or other armor.
Stamina Damage Conversion 1L and incoming Lethal damage becomes bashing.
Stamina Impenetrable Upgrade body armor to add 1/2 Legend to agg soak
Stamina Regeneration 1L to heal an agg or regrow a body part
Stamina Self-Healing 1L Heal one Bashing or Lethal health level.
Strength Crushing Grip Lethal in a clinch
Strength Divine Wrath Lethal damage when unarmed, or Agg if spending a Legend in a clinch.
Strength Empowered Deflection Use Strength and Epic Strength for parry DV
Strength Hurl to the Horizon Double throwing distances
Strength With Great Power Choose how much damage to inflict with melee or brawl
Wits Monkey in the Middle Suffer no coordinated attack or onslaught penalties.
Wits Opening Gambit 1L to go first


Purview Rank Name Effect
Animal 1 Ant Communication Communicate with ants
Animal 2 Eagle Command 1W to command Eagles
Animal 3 Ant Aspect 1L/Action. After a speed 3 action, can enhance attribute associated with animal with 1 die/success on activation.
Animal 4 Ride Ant As Horse (Cheval ••••) , but for an animal or Birthright Creature only. Non-birthright creatures impose a penalty to the activation roll equal to their Intelligence. If a Nemean is targetted, multiply the difficulty by (Legend + 1).
Animal 5 Ant Feature Changes portions of your body to match the chosen animal. Up to one feature per 5 successes can be gained, and a general rule is that no dice bonus can be higher than the Scion’s Legend.
Arete 5 Athletics +11 dice.
Arete 5 Brawl +11 dice.
Arete 5 Melee +11 dice.
Arete 5 Thrown +11 dice.
Binding 1 Center the Self 1L to face no penalties while using physical traits unless those penalties are inflicted by a being with higher legend
Binding 2 Binding the East Anytime you use Sky to alter the environment around you, add your legend as dice. When in natural surroundings, add your legend to all uses of Sky.
Binding 3 Herald of East All uses of the Ant animal purview gain your legend as dice in natural surroundings. Also, 1+L to summon an Sky/Ant to negate environmental penalties. Environmental effects that inflict no dice penalties only cost 1L instead of the level of the penalty. Effects made by higher legend beings are unaffected.
Binding 4 Binding the South Anytime you use Justice to target a mortal, gain your legend as dice. When in the company of [Your Legend] mortals, add your legend to all uses of Justice.
Binding 5 Herald of South When in the company of [Your Legend] Mortals, gain your legend as dice to any Eagle animal boon. By spending 3L and gaining successes on an Appearance+Presence roll = legend of the being to receive a message, may communicate through Eagles for a scene with anyone on any plane. If they do not encounter the animal, it instead manifests the next time they sleep in their dreams.
Justice 1 Judgement Intuitively tell whether a suspect is guilty of something the Scion suspects.
Justice 2 Guilt Apparitions If guilt is known, the target will be cursed with periodic guilty hallucinations. They are randomly timed, last for (successes) days, and prevent regaining of Willpower. The effect ends early if the offender makes amends or confesses his crime.
Justice 3 Shield of Righteousness Prevents damage from the next attack if it is being made against an innocent victim.
War 1 Blessing of Bravery All allies who hear the blessing gain a point of Willpower and 2 temporary dots of Valor until the battle ends.
War 2 Battle Cry 1L War cry strips foes of one die on attack rolls for (Legend) attacks.
War 3 Warrior Ideal 1L to adopt a signature fighting style that inflicts -(Legend) to all attacks against him for successes actions once per scene.
War 4 Fury of War 1W+3L and 2 Misc actions to gain successes bonus dice that can be spent on attacks, damage, or intimidation attempts. Must spend all dice for fury to end.
War 5 Morale Failure 1L/5 Troops in order to make troops not fight in fear. Contested.

Custom Mechanics

The Boon Companion: When in physical contact with Teague, can share health levels and wounds between them as an instant, reflexive action.


  • Expression: 2
  • Intellect: 1
  • Valor: 3
  • Vengeance: 3

Derived Stats

  • Health: 18
  • Soak: 17B/14L/5A (23B/20L/8A)
  • Armor: 2B/2L/2A
  • DDV: 14
  • PDV: 6 [spatha], 6 [spear], 5 [unarmed]
  • Join Battle: 4 1
  • Movement: 3
  • Dash: 9
  • Climb: 2
  • Swim: 2
  • Vertical Jump: 9 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 18 yards


  • Relics
    • Spatha 4: +1 Acc, +1 Dam, Sky, Summons Pegasus [Acc 2, Dam 5L, Def 1, Sp 4]
    • Helmet 2: Justice, War
    • Armor of Achilles 2: Upgrades Damage Conversion so L→ B & Bashing is ignored. For 2L can make A→ L.
    • Myrmidon Spear 2: Animal (Ant), +1 Def [Acc 1, Dam 4L, Def 0, Spd 4]
    • Tonbogiri 3 ???
    • Genie Lamp 5: Hides location, connection to nymphs
    • Zeus’s Cape 4: Animal (Eagle), Animal (Bull), Sky, Adds Legend to Char+Pres rolls
  • Creatures
    • Pegasus 3
  • Guides
    • 12 Nymphs 5
  • Followers
    • 12 Nymphs 5
    • 10 Myrmidons 5

Health and Trackable Things

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _I|18

  • Legend: 6
  • Willpower: 6/6
  • Legend Point: 36/36


  • Total: 69
  • Remaining: 7
  • Spends: 62
    • Justice 2: 2
    • Justice 3: 4
    • Animal 4: 15
    • Animal 5: 20
    • Empathy 1: 3
    • Dexterity 4: 12
    • Command 3: 3
    • Presence 3: 3

Jack Stryker

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