Hannah Nemi

A short, muscular woman.


A short, muscular young woman with a long dark braid that she wears woven down her back. She’s tan and generally serious looking.


Hannah Nemi
Player: NPC
Calling: Huntress
Nature: Judge
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
God: Athena


Phyical Social Mental
Strength: 5 Charisma: 2 Perception: 6
Epic: Epic: Epic: 5
Dexterity: 6 Manipulation: 4 Intelligence: 6
Epic: 5 Epic: 1 Epic: 5
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 4 Wits: 5
Epic: Epic: Epic: 4


Academics: 2 Crafts: Melee: 1
Animal Ken: 2 Crafts: Occult: 3
Art: 1 (Performance) Crafts: Politics:
Art: Empathy: 1 Presence: 1
Athletics: 1 Fortitude: 2 Science: 3 (botany)
Awareness: 2 Integrity: 3 Science: 1 (biology)
Brawl: 3 Investigation: 3 Science:
Command: Larceny: Stealth: 2
Control: Marksmanship: 5 Survival: 5
Control: Medicine: 1 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Dexterity Cat’s Grace Always stay on your feet. No dice penalties with unstable terrain.
Dexterity Divine Balance Walk on things that don’t support your weight
Dexterity Roll With It 1L to add Epic Dexterity dots to Soak
Dexterity Trick Shooter Double aiming bonus and no penalty for disarming with ranged.
Dexterity Untouchable Opponent 1L Double epic dex for Dodge DV and ignore terrain penalties = to Ep Dex.
Intelligence Blockade of Reason 1L to add epic Int sux to resist supernatural influence
Intelligence Fast Learner 1/2 xp to Academics, Medicine, Occult, Politics or Science.
Intelligence Fight With Your Head Negate up to (Epic Int auto-Successes) bonus dice or successes from an opponent for the scene.
Intelligence Star Pupil 1/2 xp for Athletics, Brawl, Craft, Control, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship, Melee, Survival and Thrown.
Intelligence Telepathy 1L to send a mental message to someone you can see
Manipulation Takes One to Know One Always know when a lie is told.
Perception Echolocation Ignore Blindfighting penalties as long as you can hear your opponent
Perception Fool Me Once… 2L to see through illusions for a scene and recognize the creator if familiar
Perception Perfect Pitch Perfectly identify the quality of sounds, and can recognize security codes and phones numbers by the sound of their beeps.
Perception Predatory Focus Track by scent or near-invisible physical traces with a successful Perception + Survival roll.
Perception Real McCoy 1L to see through shapeshifting
Perception Supernal Hunter Follow any trail up to 24 hours, even through air and water
Wits Instant Assessment 1L to assess someone’s combat abilities vs. your own
Wits Monkey In The Middle Ignore coordinated assault and multiple attacker penalties
Wits Opening Gambit 1L to go first
Wits Rabbit Reflexes Double your DV against unexpected attacks.


Purview Rank Name Effect
Animal 1 Turtle Communication Talk with Turtles
Animal 3 Mockingbird Aspect Speed 3, meditate on token of animal, enhance an attribute associated for the scene. One die per activation to all tests.
Animal 3 Turtle Aspect Speed 3, meditate on token of animal, enhance an attribute associated for the scene. One die per activation to all tests.
Arete 5 Marksmanship +11 to Marksmanship.
Binding 1 Center the Self 1L to face no penalties while using physical traits unless those penalties are inflicted by a being with higher legend
Binding 2 Binding the East Anytime you use Illusion to alter the environment around you, add your legend as dice. When in natural surroundings, add your legend to all uses of Illusion.
Binding 3 Herald of East All uses of the Mockingbird animal purview gain your legend as dice in natural surroundings. Also, 1+L to summon an Illusion/Mockingbird to negate environmental penalties. Environmental effects that inflict no dice penalties only cost 1L instead of the level of the penalty. Effects made by higher legend beings are unaffected.
Binding 4 Binding the South Anytime you use War to target a mortal, gain your legend as dice. When in the company of [Your Legend] mortals, add your legend to all uses of War.
Binding 5 Herald of South When in the compant of [Your Legend] Mortals, gain your legend as dice to any Turtle animal boon. By spending 3L and gaining successes on an Appearance+Presence roll = legend of the being to receive a message, may communicate through Turtles for a scene with anyone on any plane. If they do not encounter the animal, it instead manifests the next time they sleep in their dreams.
Illusion 1 The Subtle Knife 1L / item, Hide a small item until it is blatantly used.
Illusion 2 Stolen Face 1W + 1L, Man + Pre, Magically disguise yourself as someone else.
Illusion 3 Fool’s Gold 2L/Item, Activation sux are compared to Per+Awa to determine if people can see through to the true object
Illusion 4 Dreamcraft 2L/Subject, Add, Subtract, or Transform Entities in a subject’s perception
Illusion 5 Loaned Identity 5L, Stolen face on other creatures or objects
Justice 1 Judgement Per + Empathy, Intuitively tell whether a suspect is guilty of something the Scion suspects.
Sky 4 Divine Threnody 2L to Increase or Dampen Sound.
War 3 Warrior Ideal The Scion adopts a stylized warrior aspect and forces a -(Legend) penalty to attack rolls against him.
War 5 Mortal Stroke 1L+1W per weapon to make next successful attack from touched weapon deal agg


  • Intellect: 3
  • Loyalty: 2
  • Piety: 4
  • Valor: 2
  • Vengeance: 3

Derived Stats

  • Health: 7 ( -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, I)
  • Soak: 2B/1L/0A
  • Armor: None
  • DDV: 18 (29) [58 surprised]
  • PDV: 16 (unarmed), 15 (sagaris)
  • Join Battle: 7 (7)
  • Movement: 22
  • Dash: 44
  • Climb: 15
  • Swim: 15
  • Vertical Jump: 6 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 12 yards


  • Relics
    • Athena’s Chessboard: Battle Map
    • Compass 1: Psychopomp
    • Haiku 4: No ammo, Arrows removed do same damage again, War, Acc 1 Dam 2L, Range 30, Speed 5.
    • Magic Harp 4: Health, Magic, Legend to DexArt rolls of the player or any listener
    • Mockingbird Pin 4: Justice, Animal (Mockingbird), Illusion, Sky
    • Never-Ending Canteen 1: Unlimited Nutritional Drink
    • Sagaris 3: +3 Dam, -2Acc in hands of a man, Acc 1, Dam 11L, Def 0, Speed 6.
    • Tigerclaw Necklace 3: Animal (Tiger), Doubles damage against those with tiger boons or tiger features (as well as tigers themselves)
    • Turtleshell Belt Buckle 2: Animal (Turtle), Connection to Chukwa
  • Creatures
    • Chukwa 2: As per book
  • Guides
    • Circe 5
    • Rosie the Riveter 3
  • Followers
    • Amazons 5: 15 Amazon followers

Health and Trackable Things

_/ _-1/ _-1/ _-2/ _-2/ _-4/ _I|7

  • Legend: 6
  • Willpower: 7/7
  • Legend Point: 36/36


  • Total: 69
  • Remaining: 7
  • Spends: 62
    • Piety 2-4: 18
    • Perception 6: 30
    • Appearance 4: 12
    • Animal 1: 2

Hannah Nemi

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